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What are Hydrocaps and Rehydrocaps?

Simply put, Hydrocaps and Rehydrocaps are easy to swallow capsules with sodium, potassium and a small amount of iodine. Hydrocaps are meant for everyone. Rehydrocaps are a slightly larger capsule and are meant for athletes and people who sweat a lot.


Why should I take a salt supplement?

Our body's need salt to function properly. Recent studies have concluded that the average American does not get enough salt in their diet. It is important to supplement with salt to assure that your body is operating efficiently. Sodium (salt) is an electrolyte that is responsible for keeping the body's water in balance. Salt helps your nerves and muscles function properly; it helps transmit the impulses between nerve cells and allows more fluid muscle contractions. It helps to maintain blood volume and blood pressure. Salt aids in keeping the mind sharp; it is packed with important elements for development of the brain. Salt fights muscle cramps and corrects electrolyte imbalances (1). Patients of Hydrocaps have reported better weight loss when taken with weight loss pills, exercise and diet. Hydrocaps has been reported to aid with sleeping and diminish the feeling of grogginess the next day.


Isn't too much salt bad for you?

Actually a 1991 study indicated that people need about 7400 mg per day of salt. Though well intended, the advice to lower your salt intake to avoid hypertension and heart disease is based on very little science (2). In August 2011 a study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension involving 6250 subjects, it found “No strong evidence that cutting salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks, strokes or death” (3). There is actually much more evidence that salt in beneficial to health and that the average Americans could benefit from an increase in their salt intake.  More and more evidence is published every day.


Learn what extreme athletes have known for decades.

Extreme athletes such as marathon runners, cyclist, triathletes and hot yoga/Bikram practitioners have known for years about rehydration capabilities of salt. Sodium replacement for athletes can prevent hyponatremia or lowered blood sodium levels, while fighting symptoms such as headache, confusion, nausea, or cramping. A recent study by Exercise physiologist, researcher, and PhD student Matt Pahnke, MA at the University of Texas at Austin showed that the typical cognitive function increase that endurance exercise normally experience is not found in subjects with low blood sodium levels.

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